New call for proposal for Lombardy Municipalities

The initiative is addressed to the municipalities of Lombardy and aims at selecting new settlement areas for potential investors, which will be published on the AttrACT platform ( Applications will be opened from November,30th 2018 to November, 4th 2020.

Description – The AttrACT program, aims to

  • Enhance the territorial offer through the identification of the settlement opportunities and the relative investment context, underlining its strengths
  • Promote the selected opportunities in Italy and abroad
  • Promote the attraction of investments in Lombardy through the involvement of local stakeholders
  • Increase the settlement opportunities published on, promoting them with direct actions more and more responsive to the requests of potential new investors.

Who can apply – All the municipalities of Lombardy can apply to the project, presenting one or more settlement opportunities available within the municipal territory, identifying the most attracting areas at local level. The municipalities will be engaged in involving the necessary local subjects to guarantee commitments in relation to the identified areas.


Commitments of the selected Municipalities – One or more settlement opportunities have to be presented with areas of at least 10,000 sqm for buildable areas (Greenfield areas) or a gross floor area of at least 1,000 sqm for existing buildings (Brownfield areas).

The new call for proposal also foresees three new permitted uses:  in addition to those existing (“industrial”, “offices”, “tourism-accommodation”, “logistics and transport”), additional uses have been included (“education and training”, “residential for students”, “sanitary, health care and/or hospital facilities”).


In order to apply, each municipality must provide:

  • Information on the candidate area providing relevant documents including main features of the area;
  • A description of the local economic context, highlighting how the settlement opportunity is competitive in relation to the background;
  • In case any remediation of the area is foreseen, please provide costs and timelines, whether it is a municipality, public or private property.

Every municipality is expected to update the information on the submitted areas every six months in some changes occur, otherwise the opportunities in object could be suspended from the online publication. Furthermore, every municipality will commit to assist investors and will launch promotional initiatives for the visibility and diffusion of the AttrACT program.

Commitments of the Lombardy Region – The Lombardy Region will support municipalities in the promotion of the opportunities and in the assistance to potential investors by providing the following actions, in collaboration with the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce network:

  • Carry out promotional activities for the identified settlement opportunities, both at national and at international level;
  • Facilitate the meeting of supply-demand offers between participating municipalities and potential investors;
  • Support the municipalities in the coordination of local stakeholders and in the involvement of regional entities interested in the activated settlement projects.

No regional funds will be provided in relation to this new call for proposal.

Procedure for participation – Participation is free through Unioncamere Lombardia platform  starting from November, 30th 2018. The application form must be provided together with floor plans and pictures of the area, information on possible connections to gas, water, electricity and sewage networks as well as a declaration or certification on whether the area needs a process of rehabilitation or not. The proposals received will be formally and technically evaluated, and the selection will be published on dedicated platform. A support manual for registration and completion of the application is available on website.


You can find all the information on the new call on the Regione Lombardia website.


Unioncamere Lombardia: e-mail - Tel. 02 6079601

Promos – Special Agency of Milan Chamber of Commerce: e-mail

Tel. 02 8515.5212 / 5134.