Regarding economic and fiscal incentives, Mantua provides for a maximum 10.6‰ IMU + TASI rate, and the clearing of debts and credits, derived from the two charges.





The Mantua Municipality offers a brownfield area (a built land, occasionally disused industrial areas), privately owned, extended for over 1.000.000 sqm, intended for logistical, industrial / craft activities. Following the subscription of the Attractiveness Agreement, Mantua means to realize a public lighting service, with “Smart” lights, that, thanks to modern technologies, will be able to be equipped with some ancillary public services, including Wi-Fi, video surveillance, and electric recharge. 

To promote the city, the Municipality organized a photo contest involving the city’s inhabitants in a path of analyzing and understanding of the city, that is able to enhance the most attractive sides, both related to the huge potential of the historical / architectural heritage, and to the concept of a city on a human scale. Regarding the streamlining activities, the Municipality is engaged in the extension of online payments, also including the Single Desk for Productive Activities rights.

Instead, regarding economic and fiscal incentives, Mantua provides for a maximum 10.6‰ IMU + TASI rate, and the clearing of debts and credits, derived from the two charges.

Particularly, the following interventions are being applied by the Municipality:


Streamlining activities 

  • The Implementation Plan, presented by the company, is granted to be adopted by the City Council within 90 days since the registration of the request.
  • The Municipality releases, given the completeness of the request, the Building Permission, within 60 days from the application.
  • It grants an online front office service or a dedicated section in the website of the Municipality, with all the information helpful for investors and aspiring investors.
  • Utilizes and implements the telematic desk
  • It simplifies the payment management, through the creation of a single interlocutor for all the charges due to the Municipality and other authorities.
  • It provides for the proper feeding of the business IT file through the S.U.A.P.
  • It ensures a training course for the S.U.A.P. operators
  • It takes part to training programs for the business IT files.


Economic and fiscal incentives

  • It preventively declares all the urbanistic and construction charges, trying not to introduce further charges.
  • It provides an IMU + TASI 10.60% rate
  • It reduces the urbanization charges as follows: standard parameters of the Municipality -Primary: 10,2€/sqm; Secondary: 10,2 €/sqm; Waste disposal: 5,1010.2 €/sqm
  • It reduces the qualitative standard and any possible charge for the change in the intended use of the identified areas that have already been acquitted in the plan.


Promotion and investors assistance interventions

  • It provides preventive preliminary consultancy and assistance services for the presentation and implementation of the project by the company, with the release of written opinions, if required by the applicant. 
  • It organizes periodical meetings, both for the resolution of any possible issues regarding the investment process, and for support of the local charges payments.