Setup services

The AttrACT programme helps Italian and foreign corporations with their investments in Lombardy, both during their set-up phases and afterwards, and during relocation and expansions to the current business, ensuring a qualified assistance service in the dialogue with municipalities and with the main stakeholders in the area.

This pilot course, unique to Italy, is aimed at:

  • strengthening the system of knowledge of current locational opportunities to be presented to potential investors through research and proposals from municipalities interested in making areas and structures in their territory available
  • developing local assets that can encourage locational choices.

Among the factors that guide a company’s investment choices, the presence of a ‘favourable locational context’ has a significance both in terms of physical equipment (network infrastructure, equipped areas) and in terms of intangible factors (availability of well-educated human capital, government efficiency, availability of networks of suppliers and customers).

In order to create the best conditions for an investor, AttrACT has a mission to present investors with investment opportunities that are:

  • concrete
  • well defined
  • presented in a language that is understandable by the investor.

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