Investor support

AttrACT fulfils an investor’s primary need: a supportive service in the dialogue with the municipality and more transparency in relations between public administrations and corporations. Indeed, our initiative promotes paths to association between the main stakeholders in an area that allow them to:

  • simplify processes
  • reduce bureaucracy
  • facilitate coordination between the parties involved in the investment process.

To accomplish this, the Lombardy Region, in collaboration with the Lombardy Chamber of Commerce, makes available to the investor a support team that:

  • Helps the municipalities of the AttrACT Community in the dialogue with economic operators
  • coordinates the work of making connections and collaboration with the regional network

The Lombardy Region - through the Economic Development, Welfare and Environment Directorates General - launched a meeting with certain public entities (including VVF [fire-fighters], ATS, Province, ARPA, Prefects and Superintendencies) assigned to the procedures instrumental to corporate start-ups and involved in the investment process with the goal of ensuring coordination between the relevant public administrations and facilitating the process of establishing a company.