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Brownfield Brownfield

Frasteni 2 - via Torino

Via Torino 53/55 - 22077 - Olgiate Comasco (CO)

  • Property
  • Total GFA
    1.200 m²
  • Reference sector
Property Private
Total GFA 1.200 m²
Buildable area 1.900 m²
Details on size of the area and the buildings 970 m2: warehouses - 230 m2: offices
Reference sector Industrial
Urban planning constraints The entire section is subject to scenery/hydrogeological constraint due to the nearby presence of the Antiga River
No. of structures present 1
Year of construction 1972
Preservation or maintenance status Good conservation status
Brief description Property ready for use with possible access for trailer trucks too
Energy performance E.C. G, 72.43
Features and equipment Accessible to lorries
Type of operation Ordinary maintenance
Investment type Sales, Location
Sales price range (€/m²) 1.000,00
Rental price range (€/m²) 30,00 - 40,00
Key opportunities
Accessibility to infrastructure and services
Near to the main infrastructure networks: autostrada A9, autostrada A36 Pedemontana, SP23 and SS342 Briantea
Competitive economic context
Opportunity within the Olgiatese Production District: manufacturing activities in the textiles and metalworking sector
Competitive economic context
Near to the COMONEXT Science-Technology Hub. Availability of qualified and specialised workers
Sectors favoured for an investment The typical activities of the Comasco Textile District and the design-wood-furniture district. Other sectors very present are metalworking, food, chemistry-plastics
Investments not permitted The T.P.C. area of the PGT does not permit the Tourism-hospitality designation nor medium-large sales facilities greater than 2,500 m2.
toll station
A9 - Fino Mornasco (CO)
7 km

Strada Provinciale 23 Lomazzo-Bizzarone
< 1 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria FINO MORNASCO linea TRENORD Milano-Saronno-Como (CO)
7 km

Aereoporto Internazionale Malpensa (MI)
38 km

Within 500 m. of T.P.L. Bus stop