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Greenfield Greenfield

Campolongo area

Via 9 maggio 1 - 46026 - Quistello (MN)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    23.725 m²
  • Reference sector
Property Public
Total GIA 23.725 m²
Total GFA 16.607 m²
Buildable area 23.725 m²
Details on size of the area and the buildings 16,607 m2 industrial
Reference sector Industrial
Urban planning constraints No constraints
Digital infrastructure Anticipated implementation of the infrastructure and laying of fibre optic for implementation of Broadband, through accession to the Agreement for the Development of Ultra-Broadband in the land of the Lombardy Region and the approval of the agreement outline for the implementation of the fibre optic network
Investment type Sales
Sales price range (€/m²) 25,00
Key opportunities
Accessibility to infrastructure and services
Urbanised area with infrastructure
Competitive economic context
Presence of operators (key players) with significant sales in districts of the food agriculture and appliance production types of sectors. Area designated for provincial Productive Hub
Sectors favoured for an investment FOOD AGRICULTURE TRANSFORMATION SECTOR: the advantages are related to the location of the lots within the most productive farming land in Val Padana, with the presence of many bovine and porcine livestock and with the presence of other industries in the outlying sector in the same division (LABUNAT). APPLIANCE PRODUCTION SECTOR: presence of international business (CEM KAERCHER) in the municipality
Investments not permitted Prohibited sectors: unhealthful industries of class I; unwelcome sectors: industries with treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
toll station
A22 - Pegognaga (MN)
14 km

Strada Provinciale 496 (Virgiliana)
< 1 km

Tangenziale Sud (POPE)
3 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Quistello (MN)
1 km

Aeroporto di Catullo a Villafranca (VR)
53 km

12 Km - port of San Benedetto Po (MN)
2.24 km - SS12 (Via Abetone Brennero) 13 km - Poggio Rusco Railway Station (MN) on the Abetone Brennero railway line