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Brownfield Brownfield

La Grangia

Via Bibiena, 86 - 46018 - Sabbioneta (MN)

  • Property
  • Total GFA
    1.050 m²
  • Reference sector
Property Private
Total GFA 1.050 m²
Buildable area 9.680 m²
Details on size of the area and the buildings 300 m2 hospitality, 750 m2 food service
Reference sector Tourism
Urban planning constraints Landmark constraint L.D. 42/04
No. of structures present 1
Year of construction 15th century
Preservation or maintenance status To be redeveloped
Brief description Villa of high historic-artistic interest, dwelling of Vespasiano Gonzaga
Energy performance Energy class G
Features and equipment Historic building, currently not in use. Inside it there are painted surfaces of notable interest dating from the time the structure was built
Type of operation Redevelopment
Investment type Concession
Sales price range (€/m²) 800,00 - 1.200,00
Rental price range (€/m²) 19,00 - 38,00
Key opportunities
Strategic location
Area adjacent to highly acclaimed tourist places, like the centre of Sabbioneta (UNESCO site)
Highly desirable context
Property located in a context of historic and cultural value, characterised by a rich artistic legacy
Sectors favoured for an investment Tourism hospitality
Investments not permitted All those not permitted by the technical regulations of the PGT
toll station
A1 - Parma
29 km

toll station
A22 - Mantova
45 km

Ex Strada Statale 420
3 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Parma (PR)
31 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Mantova (MN)
38 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Casalmaggiore (CR)
5 km

Aeroporto di Parma (PR)
30 km
Aeroporto di Catullo a Villafranca (VR)
55 km
Aeroporto di Linate (MI)
110 km

16 km - Port on the River Po di Boretto (RE)
145 km - Porto La Spezia (SP)