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Brownfield Brownfield

Spalto Badesi

Via Ottolenghi, 2 - 46018 - Sabbioneta (MN)

  • Property
  • Total GFA
    1.100 m²
  • Reference sector
Property Private
Total GFA 1.100 m²
Buildable area 7.874 m²
Details on size of the area and the buildings 1,100 m2 residential. Heights: 6 mt - 4 mt - 10 mt
Reference sector Tourism
Urban planning constraints Scenery constraint
Stato della bonifica Non necessaria
No. of structures present 3
Year of construction 1960
Preservation or maintenance status Partially redeveloped
Brief description Ideal for logistics
Energy performance Energy class G
Features and equipment Currently the properties are in a partial stay of decay, accessible by two driveway entrances - one from Via Vespasiano and one from Via Ottolenghi
Type of operation Redevelopment
Investment type Location
Sales price range (€/m²) 1.090,00
Rental price range (€/m²) 32,00
Key opportunities
Strategic location
Strategic location
Accessibility to infrastructure and services
Area is urbanised and has infrastructure, good provision of services in the area; Near to the main infrastructure networks
Sectors favoured for an investment Tourism hospitality
Investments not permitted All those not permitted by the technical regulations of the PGT
toll station
A1 - Parma
29 km

toll station
A22 - Mantova
45 km

Ex Strada Statale 420
1 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Parma (PR)
31 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Mantova (MN)
38 km

railway station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Casalmaggiore (CR)
5 km

Aeroporto di Parma (PR)
30 km
Aeroporto di Catullo a Villafranca (VR)
55 km
Aeroporto di Linate (MI)
110 km

16 km - Port on the River Po di Boretto (RE)
145 km - Porto La Spezia (SP)