Bellano - Redevelopment of former Boarding School "Giglio"

Redevelopment of the former Boarding School "Giglio" for social housing purposes.

Bellano - The former Cantoni Cotton Mill

Urban regeneration of the Municipality of Bellano: redevelopment of the real estate complex of the former Cantoni cotton mill.

Bergamo - The City of The Future

A territorial project with a new vision of the city: intelligent, innovative and green.

Besozzo - "Ex Sonnino" area recovery

The plan deals with the redevelopment of the "Ex Sonnino" factory with the construction of residences, cultural spaces and a center for the elderly.

Brescia - The New Station Square

Renovation and redevelopment project of the Station Square.

Busto Arsizio - Ur.Ba.Mi

Development project around the Busto Arsizio Nord railway station

Cabiate - Home-work 4.0: the art of doing (living and working) combined with innovation

The project promotes the renovation of five abandoned areas, with the aim of encouraging the establishment of new businesses and renewing the original "home - laboratory" relationship in the area.

Cavernago - Per Malpaga – project and Rebirth

Ambitious conservative restoration project and enhancement of the historic village of Malpaga Castle.

Cisano Bergamasco - Domus Colombera

The project is an urban and building recomposition, where an innovative, multifunctional and supra-local neighborhood will be realized.

Como - Redevelopment of the “Ex-Ticosa” area

Redevelopment project of the "Ex-Ticosa" area, an abandoned area in the center of Como.

Crema - Ex area Olivetti

Regeneration project of the north-east area of Crema.

Cremona - The building of Radaelli Street

Redevelopment of the Radaelli property.

Cremona -Former San Francesco Church

Redevelopment and renewal of the Church of San Francesco. The project foresees a new intended use for this structure with a high historical-cultural value.

Desenzano del Garda - The Castle

Redevelopment project of the Desenzano castle area.

Gallarate - Minoletti Palace

The project involves the conservation of the historical building through reestructuring and enhancement interventions, with the aim of giving a new use to the Palace.

Lesmo - Regeneration project for the former school complex and the historic center

Regeneration project for the former school complex of Via IV Novembre and the historic center of Lesmo with the formation of a tertiary-residential building overlooking the new square

Limido Comasco - Old Joinery

The project involves the regeneration of an abandoned and degraded area on the edge of the historic city center, including an old carpentry shop and the adjacent courtyards.

Madignano - Social welfare structure for the elderly and Alzheimer's patients

The project involves the construction of a Socil welfare structure for the elderly and for Alzheimer's patients