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Bergamo - The City of The Future

- 24100 - Bergamo (BG)

  • Property
    Public, Private
  • Total GIA
    480.000 m²
  • Timing
    December 2029

Project description

The project is included in a new vision of the city with a new face: smart, innovative and green.
“Bergamo: the city of the future” is a highly innovative territorial project characterized by a strong orientation toward low impact, sustainable,choices and with elevated energy standards, in order to create a multifunctional integrated city.
The project’s targets are:

The Quality City: the city as a new place, bringing a new way of life that guarantees an improved quality of life for its citizens, and easy to access to functions and services;
The Historic City: historical identity through an expansion of cultural functions;
The Social City: a development that works on public spaces, on relationships, on the symbols of the municipality and on the identity of a territory open to the world;
The Smart City: the city of innovation and technology will lead to an improvement of quality of life in an urban environment;
The Nature City: Bergamo will become the “green” city par


Bergamo is a city in the alpine region of Lombardy approximately 40km northeast of Milan. With a population of around 120,000, Bergamo is the fourth-largest city in Lombardy and is the seat of the Province of Bergamo.
The city of Bergamo is composed of an old walled center, known as the Città Alta ("Upper Town"), that is encircled by massive Venetian defensive systems that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bergamo is well connected to several cities in Italy, thanks to the A4 motorway stretching on the axis between Milan, Verona, Venice and Caravaggio International Airport, and it is the second most visited city in Lombardy,
after Milan.


Student housing Residential Entertainment Commercial Services sector


Orio Al Serio
6 km