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Besozzo - "Ex Sonnino" area recovery

Via De Bernardi - 21023 - Besozzo (VA)

  • Property
    Public, Private
  • Total GIA
  • Timing
    End of 2021

Project description

The project involves the restoration of the "Ex Sonnino" building with the construction of home-work
residences, a center for the elderly and cultural spaces.


Besozzo is a town and municipality located in the province of Varese, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Besozzo hosts a small historical center with churches and noble houses, so-called Palazzi, in its upper part which is in part pedestrian zone, and a vivid modern center in its lower part. The village is situated in the region of the lakes, with Lago Maggiore being only 6 kilometers away, and features views of the Alps.
Besozzo has a train station on the  Luino–Milan railway , and a fast road linking it to the Italian highway system. As many surrounding villages, it has grown considerably and it still doing so, in part because of families moving from Milan to region of lakes and becoming  commuters.
Besozzo is close to the Ispra site of the European Union's Joint Research Centre.


Hospitality Industry Education & Training Residential Retail Tourism


toll station
A8 - Gallarate
30 km

13 km

railway station
1 km

30 km