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Cavernago - Per Malpaga – project and Rebirth

Piazza Castello - 24050 - Malpaga (BG)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    24.950 m²
  • Timing
    Deadline for implementation: 10 years

Project description

“Per Malpaga – project and Rebirth” is a project supported by Malpaga S.p.A. Society. The affection for Malpaga let the society conceive an ambitious project for a conservative renovation and for an enhancement of this ancient village. The project deals with environmental sustainability thanks to a perfect integration among different activities: innovative agriculture, renewable energy, receptive structures, culture and training, through the recovery of the existing buildings. The
castle of Malpaga is the fulcrum of the whole project of development, a patrimony to protect and preserve.
The project foresees the recovery of the historical suburb with a restructuring of the existing blocks, in order to guarantee the integrity and the native beauty of the place, and includes facilities such as a restaurant, a boutique hotel, a conference
center, a permanent museum and apartments of different sizes.


The municipality of Cavernago covers an area of 7.46 square kilometers in the Bergamo plain on the left bank of the river Serio at an average altitude of 200 meters above sea level. The western part of the municipal territory is part of the "Serio
Regional Park" area. The municipal capital is 12 km from Bergamo, which is connected by the Strada Statale Soncinese. The hamlet of Malpaga has about 63 inhabitants, while about 56 live in the various farms.


Residential Commercial Tourism Entertainment


toll station
A4 - Grumello del Monte - Telgate
16 km

2 km

railway station
10 km

Orio Al Serio
14 km