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Gallarate - Minoletti Palace

Piazza Garibaldi - 21013 - Gallarate (VA)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    2.600 m²
  • Timing

Project description

The Palazzo Minoletti represents a significant presence for the City of Gallarate and beyond the ministerial constraint, which nonetheless bears witness to the artistic importance. It is considered, through an adequate project of re-use and enhancement, very important to act for its protection and conservation destining it to a use that can bring luster, economy and tourism resources to the entire city and therefore deserves to be preserved and above all used.
The challenge of being able to use the "reuse" of the building through an intervention that is not extemporaneous, as happened in the past, but through a shared public/private planning it could certainly be a "wheel" for the economy of the city.


Gallarate is a city and Municipality of Milan metropolitan area, northern Italy, in the Province of Varese. It has a population of around 54 thousand people. It is the junction of railways to Varese, Laveno and Arona. 10 kilometers to the west are the
electric works of Vizzola, where 23,000 hp are derived from the river Ticino. Its territory is crossed by the river Arnetta, and belongs to the Ticino River Natural Park.
The city had a strong textile industry in the first part of the 19th century.


Hospitality Industry Healthcare facilities Education & Training Entertainment Residential Student housing Commercial Retail Tourism


toll station
A8 - Gallarate
7 km

1 km

railway station
1 km

14 km