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San Benedetto Po - Project former monastic infirmery of the Polironiano Monastic Complex

Via Trento - 46027 - San Benedetto Po (MN)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    2 m²
  • Timing

Project description

Building with an enormous historic and artistic value, redeveloped and used as a tourist and accommodation structure in part of the ground floor and the entire first floor, already in function before the earthquake which occurred in the year 2012; the earthquake rendered the building unfit and after some restoration and seismic improvements it will regain its functionalities back; part of the ground floor and the entire frame need adjustments for a new future use.
The structure is located in the city center, has a big courtyard and part of an exclusive parking spot; access to public roads is from an exclusive and large no parking zone.

San Benedetto Po

San Benedetto Po is a town in the province of Mantua, in Lombardy, located about 150 kilometers southeast of Milan and about 15 kilometers southeast of Mantua. It is famous for the abbey of San Benedetto in Polirone.


Hospitality Industry Tourism


toll station
A22 Mantova sud - A22 Mantova sud
10 km

< 1 km

railway station
Stazione San Benedetto Po
1 km

Aeroporto di Catullo a Villafranca
57 km