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San Giacomo delle Segnate - Villa Arrigona's transformation into elderly residence and compounds

Via Cantone 195 - 46020 - San Giacomo delle Segnate (MN)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    3 m²
  • Timing
    335 days for the project and authorisation + 730 days for works

Project description

The proposal for Villa Arrigona consists in the enhancement of a historical, architectural and environmental context of great value. The residential complex, consisting in 20 housing units equipped with every comfort, is planned for elderly or for single persons, couples or small families. In addition to the small apartments for self-sufficient people, there are also rooms for convalescent guests. Spaces for social sharing are foreseen in the central area of the complex of the Villa. A gym area will be created together with a medical laboratory. An added value will be represented by the restaurant open to the guest and public, as well as the big agricultural park, the garden and the church. The main body of the Villa is fully restored, while the branches will need additional interventions.

San Giacomo delle Segnate

San Giacomo delle Segnate is a municipality in the Province of Mantua, located about 160 kilometers southeast of Milan and about 30 kilometers southeast of Mantua.


Healthcare facilities Residential


toll station
A22 Mantova sud - A22 Mantova sud
25 km

1 km

railway station
Stazione di Quistello
8 km

Aeroporto di Catullo a Villafranca
62 km