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Selvino - Restoration of the former mountain colony of "Sciesopoli"

Via Cardo, 64 - 24020 - Selvino (BG)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    6.000 m²
  • Timing
    3/6 months

Project description

Sciesopoli is a construction built in the 30s that worked as summer colony; after the World War Il it became a place of rebirth for hundreds of orphan children escaped from the Nazi concentration camps. This unique building is made up of four pavilions: two realized in the “Novecento Style” and two in rationalist style. The former functioned as dormitory and dining hall, the latter as little hospital and swimming pool with an auditorium overhead. The idea is to keep its original characteristics and to restore some services in used in the Fascist era like the gym and the swimming pool.
There will be also the chance to create restaurant activities as well as cultural and sport initiatives.
The aim is to continue the restoration, started with the activities of waterproofing and stabilization of the structure, with different works of renovation outside and inside the building. In order to attract interest for Sciesopoli's restoration as regards its active role as Shoah's orphans-shelter, it is in development a temporary art exhibition to be realized before the beginning of the renovation work.


Selvino is sited about 60 kilometres (37 mi) northeast of Milan and about 11 kilometers northeast of Bergamo.
Located at 1.000 metres above sea level in the spectacular landscape of the Orobie Prealps, Selvino is one of the most renowed holiday spot.
It is able to offer many opportunities for sports lovers and it's the perfect starting point for outdoor walks.
Who's looking for relax and free time instead, can find many different attractions and events all year round.
Selvino is also known because of the numerous quartz crystals in the area, found in the rocky layer dating back to the Quaternary age that covers the Mesozoic rocks.


Hospitality Industry Healthcare facilities Education & Training Entertainment Tourism


toll station
23 km

railway station
Nembro Centro
12 km

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