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Toscolano Maderno - Villa del Serraglio

via Montana 9 - 25088 - Toscolano Maderno (BS)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    24.100 m²
  • Timing
    22 months

Project description

The project envisages the reuse of a historic dwelling dating back to the 17th Century that belonged to
the noble Mantuan house of Gonzaga, and its park, both magnificently located on the hilly slope
overlooking Lake Garda, to become a high-quality vacation spot offering top-notch catering and the
possibility of staying for up to 12 people. The site will be then available for events, ceremonies and
cultural occasions.

Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano Maderno is a town and municipality on the West coast of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. It is located about 40 kilometers from Brescia.
Toscolano Maderno is a large "open-air museum" (ecomuseum) to discover and live between culture, nature and sport; it stretches from the Riviera, which borders the entire headland with its wonderful beaches, to the hills below Mount Pizzocolo, offering trails and walks in spectacular scenery.


Hospitality Industry Education & Training Entertainment Commercial Services Tourism


toll station
A4 Brescia est - A4 Brescia est
31 km

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Orio al serio
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