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Bellano - Redevelopment of former Boarding School "Giglio"

via Roma 1 - 23822 - Bellano (LC)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    3.500 m²
  • Tempistica
    12/15 months


The idea is to give life to a social housing experience that responds to different levels of the population: precarious workers, young couples and families in difficulty, but also people who need to integrate after rehabilitation, care and recovery experiences. Furthermore, it would be possible to allocate at least a part of the building renovation to a  tructured service, always aimed at fragile people, also thanks to the presence in the neighborhood of a nursing home equipped with personnel and health services, managed by a cooperative that could be involved for collaborations.
The project would also mean the recovery of a historical structure, which for many years has dealt with hospitality, enhancing its location in a mountain context surrounded by nature, served by public transport and easily and quickly accessible roads.


Residential Social Housing