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Bergamo - The City of The Future

- 24100 - Bergamo (BG)

  • Property
    Public, Private
  • Total GIA
    480.000 m²
  • Tempistica
    December 2029


The project is included in a new vision of the city with a new face: smart, innovative and green.
“Bergamo: the city of the future” is a highly innovative territorial project characterized by a strong orientation toward low impact, sustainable,choices and with elevated energy standards, in order to create a multifunctional integrated city.
The project’s targets are:

The Quality City: the city as a new place, bringing a new way of life that guarantees an improved quality of life for its citizens, and easy to access to functions and services;
The Historic City: historical identity through an expansion of cultural functions;
The Social City: a development that works on public spaces, on relationships, on the symbols of the municipality and on the identity of a territory open to the world;
The Smart City: the city of innovation and technology will lead to an improvement of quality of life in an urban environment;
The Nature City: Bergamo will become the “green” city par


Student housing Residential Entertainment Commercial Services sector