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Torna ai progetti

Cisano Bergamasco - Domus Colombera

- 24034 - Cisano Bergamasco (BG)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    17.000 m²
  • Tempistica
    Once the proper administrative procedure will be completed, it will be possible to begin the construction activities during year 2021


It’s an urban and building recomposition, where an innovative, multifunctional and supra-local neighborhood will be realized.
“BiocaloreSrl” owns 130.000 sqm in the Municipality of Cisano Bergamasco, which are very close to the Adda River.
Thanks to its high versatility, a healthcare residence for old people (120 beds) with a reception centre
and supply of general services can be realized, or there could be classical residential buildings for old but self-sufficient citizens (one or two-bedroom apartments).There will also be a commercial/tertiary services area and residential constructions area.


Hospitality Industry Healthcare facilities Student housing Residential Commercial