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Crema - Ex area Olivetti

Via Olivetti - 26013 - Crema (CR)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    518.000 m²
  • Tempistica


The regeneration of North East Area of Crema involving the three areas of which it is composed:
- industrial area, through the realization of a web application able to enhance and promote the area in order to attract private investment, highlighting existing services, established companies, the available areas, the viability and give a better awareness of its productive capital.
- university site, with the idea of setting up a European Research and Higher Education Center in Applied Mathematics of international value with consequent  restructuring /accessibility of the university property and the development of connections with the surrounding urban fabric.
- ex Cascina Pierina, 105.000 mq of space for redevelopment and redefinition in the service of the community.


Education & Training Student housing