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Limido Comasco - Old Joinery

Via Roma - 22070 - Limido Comasco (CO)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    8.500 m²
  • Tempistica
    8 months to obtain the building permit


The proposal presented foresees, as mentioned, the regeneration of a decommissioned and degraded
area on the edge of the historic urban centre. The proposed regeneration intervention is consistent and in compliance with the current urban planning provisions. In particular, the planivolumetric articulation of the proposal is aimed at the realization of a system of courts (which characterize and
characterize the settlement typology of historic cities), open and permeable with respect to the context and immediate urban surroundings. The buildings (of 2/3 floors), are arranged, forming two discontinuous urban curtains that stretch inside the block, creating a system of 3 courts. The whole area will therefore be exclusively pedestrian and accessible to bicycles. An underground car park will be used for public rotation and for the parking of private cars.


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