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Piazzatorre - Village of sport and spontaneous oasis

Via Dei Tigli - 24010 - Pizzatorre (BG)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    9.000 m²
  • Tempistica
    3 months for definitive project + 3 months for executive project + 3 years for construction site


This is a tourist reactivation project for the local economy of the upper Brembana valley, within the territory of the Municipality of Piazzatorre, located on a plateau with a slight facing south and a broad panorama in front. The place is 1 hour and half from Milan and less than an hour from Bergamo
airport, next to the famous thermal town of San Pellegrino. The redevelopment of the formers Genovese colony, a historic building of the early twentieth century, is expected, with the
transformation into a multi-purpose tourist accommodation facility whose volume will include services for culture, education, well-being and recreation. In addition to those, the village of sport surrounds the existing structure and is spread over a large meadow area of almost thirteen thousand square meters at an altitude contained within a thousand meters and therefore suitable for all age groups. This intervention is combined with the constructions of a complex in green building.


Hospitality Industry Healthcare facilities Education & Training Entertainment Residential Student housing Commercial Retail