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Ponte di Legno - Prati Alti Village

Località Tonalina - 25056 - Ponte di Legno (BS)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    93.000 m²
  • Tempistica
    Convention from the city of Ponte di legno 31/03/2020 Permission for the erection of buildings 31/08/2020 Start of construction urbanization 01/09/2020 Start of construction buildings 01/03/2021 End of the works 29/12/2023


The “Prati Alti Village ski and nature” project covers a 93,000 m² area that is placed 1650m asl and barycentrically with respect to the built-up areas of Ponte Di Legno and the Tonale Pass.The area is part of the Regional Adamello Park and, more precisely, it is located within the Adamello Ski District.
The area is highly esteemed and characterized by great naturalness given the vast meadows, the centuries-old forests as well as the mountain groups Adamello and Ortles Cevedale that surround them.


Hospitality Industry Residential Commercial