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Vigevano - The security citadel

Piazzale Longo - 27029 - Vigevano (PV)

  • Property
  • Total GIA
    8.000 m²
  • Tempistica
    24 months


The Municipality of Vigevano proposes the important goal of aggregating all of the security forces in one place,
creating a pole that hosts the four-body barracks: Carabinieri, Polizia, Guardia di Finanza and Fire Brigade. The
area identified for this purpose is the space of Piazzale Longo.
Some criteria have guided the drafting of masterplan:
1 - the citadel of security is based on a new one concept of relationship between law enforcement and the citizen;
2 - The optimization of spaces requires one possible aggregation of shareable functions;
pursuing a dual objective: reduction of rental/management costs and improvement of working conditions of the
barracks staff;
3 - redevelop the public spaces;
4 - Design a "flexible" project, allows you to build the "Citadel" in stages.